Exponential functions and formulas

Previously we have discussed about math problem solver free and In today’s session we are going to discuss about Exponential functions and formulas, If x is a integer number and other number y is increases by x times product of a fixed value than the logarithmic of Y is x. this fixed value is known as base value of the logarithmic function according to which it is categorized in three types as:

Binary logarithm, common logarithm and natural logarithm functions.

Binary logarithm includes base value of 2 so if we say that any number is y then its binary logarithm will be represented as:

log 2 y = x, similarly the common logarithm which have base value of 10 can be shown as:

log 10 y = x.

the natural logarithmic function uses exponent integer e as its base value whose constant value is 2.718.

natural logarithmic functions are easily converted into its relative exponential functions as following:

log e y = x

to convert it into exponential form both RHS and LHS are put in exponent’s power as

e log e y = ex

we know that the exponents and logarithm are opposite to each other so

e cancels the log on LHS:

y = ex

‘e’ is also known as Euler Constant.

Logarithm is used in various application of mathematics like computational theory, Number theory, statistics problems and probability and several more.

While solving logarithmic queries there is one headache for students that they have to memorize various logarithmic formulas for solving logarithmic equations but for making this task easier online math help is provided by online math tutors which explains these basic fundamentals and formulas. Some of the those formulas are as :

logb(xy)= logbx + logby ( product can be normalized into form of sum of logarithms of each)

logb(x/y)= logbx – logby (devision can be solve by subtraction of logarithms of each variable)

power formula is as logb(xp) = p (logbx)

for root calculation → logb(p ½x) = (logbx)/ p

In the next session we will discuss about Logarithmic and Exponential Functions and You can visit our website for getting information about online tutor and cbse 10th sample papers 2011.

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